Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lair of the Beast Men

I made a one page dungeon:

 Click for larger image.

I find that I can rarely run an adventure exactly as written. I made my dungeon pretty spare so that anyone can skin it to their own taste.

I will be running it as a lair of Khorne worshipping beast men in the ruins of an ancient building.

  • The alarm trap will be an enormous vulture in a cage, covered in a blanket. Making to much noise or removing the blanket will wake the bird and cause it to raise a tremendous ruckus. 
  • The Frenzied Beast on the map will be a flesh hound
  • The Boss Brute will be an enormous Gnoll with a peg leg, burn scars and a magic chaos dagger that causes a geyser of blood at the tiniest scratch. The wielder of this dagger takes damage unless they kill something every day. 
  • The Armory is filled with crude, battered weapons. Lots of farm tools reforged into weapons. There is also a small forge and a sharpening wheel (with an enormous bloodstain under it). Pile of mismatched armor pieces: 20% it fits any of the players.
  • Shrine & abattoir are both clearly used to dispatch prisoners (there are no cells in this dungeon).
  • A secret door from the courtyard conceals an as yet undisturbed, ancient part of the structure. A sealed chest contains high-tech medical kit and a prehistoric shotgun with 8 shells.
  • The priest of Khorne is engaged in self-flagellation. 
The hazard die is my crude, fragmentary adaptation of Brendan's Hazard System. A d6 is rolled every dungeon turn and there is always a result. 

Feedback is welcomed.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Gallery of Scum

Not terribly original, I fear, but you can never have too many simple humans to feed into the thresher.

*I replace the base attribute Wisdom with Alertness since that's what I always used it for.

**I use an Apocalypse Powered, 2d6 skill system where 2-6 is a dismal failure, 7-9 is a success with complications, and 10+ is success with bonus.

***A la Zak S

Saturday, June 6, 2015


I am taking a stab at a city campaign. It will be built on the bones of Logan Knight's fabulous Corpathium, and Zak's Vornheim with a mechanical structure cobbled together from Justin Alexander's urban crawl musings and Brendan's Hazard Dice. Giants, shoulders, etc.

To the west is an endless, ruin-studded wilderness (the Old Town of Yoon Suin). The mountain to the west is Death Frost Doom. To the east, a sprawling, fragmented megalopolis. Beneath, a dense labyrinth.

The above map fragment shows the party's starting position.

West Chapel is a neighborhood dominated by the Church of the Grey God, an anthro-supremacist religion: a delicious filling composed of equal parts Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany, Dune's Bene Gesserit, and WH 40k ensconced in a crust of paranoia, prejudice and Gothic architecture.

I'm a rank novice DM, so this might be a bit over-ambitious. Wish me luck!