Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rat Men

Their hunger is never satisfied. The wilderness overflows with packs of savage scavengers, willing to risk life and limb for a bite of meat. 

deviantART by Mablox

While traveling outside of the city walls roll 1d10 (+2 if any traveler is bleeding) each day. This is in addition to any other wandering monster roll. Replace used results as necessary.
  1. No rat men
  2. No rat men
  3. No rat men
  4. No rat men
  5. No rat men
  6. 2d4 rat men gnawing on the corpse of another rat man.
  7. 2d6 rat men gnawing on the corpse of a horse and rider.
  8. 2d8 rat men attempt an ambush.
  9. 2d10 rat men attack in the night.
  10. 2d12 rat men caught unawares.
 Rat men stats: 1HD (d4). AC 10 (unarmored). Speed as human. Attack at +0, 1d4 damage.

Image via Chronowraith's Corner

I typically don't use grappling, but for rat men I use these rules from Swords and Wizardry:

What's scary about rats? Getting pulled down by the swarm. Held by the weight of their numbers while your throat gets cut.