Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ivory Peaks

Outside the city, there is a small U-shaped mountain range comprising the mostly buried jawbone, and teeth of a long dead titanic creature. The ivory of these teeth is a popular building material for those wealthy enough to afford it. This ivory is also used for colossal statuary, which is currently much in vogue.
The mountain quarries compete fiercely to deliver the largest blocks, which often measure many meters to a side. Exceptionally massive blocks fetch astounding prices and the caravans which transport them to the city are frequently raided by profiteers and rivals.

Decades of tunneling and undermining have destabilized several of the teeth. Continued removal of material from their base will cause them to collapse and annihilate the mining villages at their base. There are several people who have issued warnings but they have been dismissed as cowardly ninnies.