Tuesday, July 2, 2013


In the jumbled corridors Below, a multitude of vengeful spirits writhe in the darkness, longing for the tactile satisfaction of physical form. They ache to fill any vessel no matter how meager.

The dangers of the twisted halls yield a battered bounty of broken bodies, void of their original inhabitants. No corpse lies still for long.

Even so, the sea of silent spirits seethes. No matter how many jars are spilled, there are never enough empties to  bottle the horde. There is always a remainder, waiting and wishing for teeth to gnash.

Every scavenger knows better than to turn his back on the deceased but deep in the maze of abandoned rooms, the spirits are taking up new forms.

Possessed Teddy
When the  glint of an eye belongs to the cast-off toy of a long absent child, a delver is likely to sigh with relief but Below, even the most innocent forms are often possessed by malevolence.

A teddy bear makes a poor vehicle of vengeance, and even filled with an angry spirit, the boneless toy can barely flop its way into a fray, and when it arrives, pillowy arms are incapable of piercing armor or rending flesh.

After initial surprise wears off, jerky movements and frequent tumbles may seem comical but these creatures are not harmless. It is not a deficit of strength that draws a spirit into such an inferior form, rather a surplus of desire. If a possessed toy can touch an open wound, it's inhabitant may enter the wound and claim the stronger body.

Hit Points: 1
AC: None. Cutting weapons, fire automatically successful. Immune to blunt weapons, bullets and mind effects.
Attack: 1d20 - 4 (stuffed limbs suck)
Damage:  On a hit, save vs. will or become possessed by the toy's spirit until you make a successful will save
Speed:  50% human