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Warren's Butchery: The Grounds

This is the second part of an adventure that I've been working on for awhile. It is inspired by the Warrens zone of Darkest Dungeon
  • The first post in this series, describes the enemies encountered.
  • This post describes the exterior areas surrounding the Butchery. 
Everyone knows:  For years, Warren has operated a hog farm supplying the surrounding villages with pork, bacon and sausage. A small still produced harsh liquor. He is a skilled veterinarian who, in desperate moments, has operated on people (the stitches were never pretty but they usually survived).

If you visit the compound at night you'll hear awful beastly screams.
Warren is a bit crazy. He talks to his animals constantly.
Warren's hogs reproduce and mature at an unnatural rate.
Warren is a sadistic freak. If you stray from the paths, his land is strewn with traps.
Warren once grafted the hand of an ape onto a man who had lost his limb in an accident.
Warren practices his veterinary skills on his herd and performs many unnecessary surgeries.
Warren is a wizard and protects his lands with magic. Sometimes he sells potions.
No one has heard from Warren in months.

Unbeknownst to his neighbors, Warren experimented on his stock. With arcane surgeries and cultic ritual, he elevated  many of them to human like sentience. This led to his downfall, when the Swine rebelled, enraged by the torments they suffered.

Now their ranks are swelling. Their hunger drives them ever further afield, in search of flesh to feed the growing horde and satisfy their enormous king.

The Butchery Grounds:
  • An earthen berm is topped with sharpened stakes to form a palisade wall around the Butchery and it's out-buildings.
  • There are gates in the southeast and west and a gravel path between the main areas.
  • The main buildings are all separated by trees. Activities in one will not alert the others.

The Gates and Walls are poorly maintained and unmanned.

  • Opening the gates is noisy and will attract attention.
  • If the perimeter is examined there are passable weak points in the palisade

The grounds are a churned over field of deep muck.
  • Quagmire Mud:
    • Except for the trees and rocks, it's all difficult terrain.
    • Anyone knocked prone in a fight will need to succeed on athletics check (DC 13) to stand. Swine are immune. 
    • STAKE TRAPS: Some areas have sharpened stakes driven deep in the mud. As Spike Growth, DC 15.
  • Gardens:
    • Enough Medicinal Herbs to cure a single poisoned condition can be recovered from each of the remaining patches. Nature check at DC 10, or Investigation at DC 15.
  • Rocks:  
    • Outcroppings provide cover and a safe place to rest (unless the swine spot you)
  • Trees:
    • Outcroppings provide cover and a safe place to rest (unless the swine spot you)
    • TRAPS: There are hunting traps (DC15) hidden amongst the undergrowth attached to spring snares. Triggering one will leave a character suspended, upside-down, 15 feet up. This will alert the Swine and they will quickly send a party to investigate. 

The Tower is a made of lashed poles and guards the SE gate and tree groves.
  • The "War Party" and perhaps a "Scavengers" group are based here and will respond to threats.
  • Unless the tower is overrun, two Skivers will remain here when other groups leave.
  • The construction is poor. It won't take too much damage to topple.

The Butchery is a two story building with a wrap-around porch.
  • The Boss Hog and his Wretch attendants reside here. So does most of the treasure.

 The Coach House is a windowless garage. Many swine can be seen milling around.
  • The "Assault" group and perhaps a "Scavangers" group are based here.

Movement between locations in the compound triggers rolls on the hazard table below:

Encounter: Scavengers
Encounter: Wild Pigs
Trap: If in mud, Spikes. If in trees, Spring Snare.
Warning: Sound of piggish revelry from direction of Tower.
Warning: Sound of drums from direction of Coach House
Fugitive: A human hiding from the Swine. 

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