Sunday, October 6, 2019

My 5e Pantheon and the Gods of the North

I made a table that suggests deities from my homebrew setting for each class that has an affiliation to a higher power. I think this will help tremendously the next time my players create characters.

I am writing a short description for each one to help players choose.

The Gods of the North:

From Jeffery Thompson, I think.
Ulric:  The Old Northern god of battle, wolves & winter storms. Hot-blooded and beloved of the commoners.  He's a heavy metal Viking badass. 

Likes: Vengeance, personal glory, comradeship
Hates: Caution, schemers, bureaucracy

Venerated by: Barbarians, fighters, paladins and the occasional bellicose cleric.

Source: From Warhammer, but bent back toward Thor. Largely inspired by James Holloway's Patron Deities podcast.

From Christian Krogh, actually a picture of Snorri Sturluson
Woden: The Old Northern god of poetry, healing and trickery. He wanders the earth in the guise of a one-eyed old man bestowing cryptic prophecies, balm to the injured and unpredictable curses. He's feared more than loved. 

Likes: Riddles, pranks, making bets, hospitality
Hates: Boredom, rules, rudeness

Venerated by: Druids, rangers and charismatic rogues. His paladins are always female and are known as Valkeries.

Source: Again inspired by the Patron Deities podcast.

From Gustav Klimt
Mab: An Old Northern goddess, Queen of Air and Darkness. Haughty and magnificent. Mistress of the harsh realities of nature "red of tooth and claw" and the austere rituals of witches. 

Likes: Grandeur, decadence, prompt obedience.
Dislikes: Frivolity, sunshine, mercy

Venerated by: Druids, warlocks and sorcerers (witches all) and rangers of the deep woods. Her paladins are always male; the Winter Knights.

Source: Derived from too many sinister fey queens of art and folklore for me to pinpoint one but also Mab of the Dresden Files.

From Jeff Simpson
The Raven Queen: The youngest of the Northern gods, the Raven Queen ensures that when the spirit and the body part, both are treated justly. She guides the spirits of the dead to their appointed afterlife and avenges the mistreatment of corpses.

Likes: Funerals, pyres, contracts
Hates: Necromancers, soul-thieves

Venerated by: Nearly everyone pays her a little homage, but very few are devoted to her service. Her champions are warlocks and death clerics. 

Sources: This is one of the few by-the-book D&D gods, I really like. Invented for 4e I believe

I've spent a lot of time listing to Patron Deities  lately, catching up on episodes from before I started listening. It's really inspired me to think a lot about the gods of my campaign. Then, amidst a terrific series of episodes and posts about his settings, Alex Schroeder talked about his pantheon in the most recent episode of Halberds and Helmets. After listening, I just had to write up my own. 

A third podcast that had a bit impact on how this post turned out was Judd Karlman's Daydreaming About Dragons. In a recent Reply Show, Judd talked about Pinterest (he very kindly linked one of my boards) and expressed his concern for the way artists are often not attributed on the site. So far, I've been pretty lazy about tracking down artists and properly attributing them on Pinterest and on this blog. I'll try to do better. 

If I ever mis-attribute, I am eager to be corrected so please do not hesitate to let me know.

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