Friday, January 12, 2024

True Darkness

True Darkness is more than the mere absence of light. It actively opposes light rather than just removing it.

True Darkness can also be a source of revelation. Ancient texts describe Darkness emanating from sources deep with the earth and radiating from distant black stars. The chroniclers tell of powerful civilizations and vast cities, deep in the twisting caves below the roots of the mountains, that are “lit” entirely with cold fires that dim and overpower the lights of explorers.

Even in our times, mages ply the the Darkness spell and alchemists have devised Dark Candles and Dark Lanterns that project pools of this anti-light.

Light and True Darkness obscure each other. Mechanically, this means weak Darkness will obscure dim light and reduce a brightly lit area to dimness.

A simple concept, but it has big implications for the world, and opens up a lot of fun possibilities for magic, traps & tricks.

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