Sunday, October 5, 2014

The First Foray: The Worms' Turning

I am brand new to dungeon mastering OSR-style D&D. 

For my inaugural session in the DM godthrone, I ran Logan Knight's fantastic adventure "The Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine."

Spoilerish play report:

A bedraggled mage sat by the edge of the road, bemoaning the loss of a precious tome of power, unconcerned that his foolishness had caused the tormented doom of six companions.

Intending betrayal, Sven, Half-Pint and Aberlour, agreed to retrieve the book despite vague promises of uncertain reward. Lost in a cave, the magical tome seemed a worthwhile prize.

In the cave, the wanderers purged parasites from a one-legged woman and slaughtered the mutants that cost her her foot.

The combat was not without casualties. The fortune-hunters contracted infestations of their own and the wild magic they used to stave off the befoulment malformed Half-Pint.  Novel limbs sprouted from his body twisting him into an asymmetric freak and his mind filled with malign whisperings of a dark Outsider.

Further into the cave, the slaughtered a slumbering beast. They contrived an elaborate devise and harvested the creature's mutagenous fluids in hopes of selling them later.

When they finally emerged into the light they had gathered the following:

Scavenged Supplies & Loot
Halberd (1d10, reach), Longsword (1d8), Hypodermic needle and 3 ampoules of sedative,  red powder, spell book, 2 1/2 bottles cyst fluid (5 pustules worth), Cave pearl, assorted coins (9gp)

The sadistic, mutant Half-Pint burned the mage alive when he resisted revealing the secrets of the spell book.

Aberlour and Sven abandoned their warped former friend at the first opportunity, preferring the company of the hop-foot foundling. Thus their wanderings continued.

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