Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tier List: 5e Races

Inspired by the latest episode of GG NO RE, I've created my own tier list of 5e races:

My rankings are 100% based on how well these races fit into my vision of D&D-land. It's a place that draws more inspiration from Bas-Lag, Warhammer, Darkest Dungeon and Carcosa than vanilla Tolkien or the Forgotten Realms.

A few notes:

  • Like the GG NO RE crew, I am profoundly human-centric. I do like the Carcosan rainbow people.
  • Devil's infiltrating the world... cool! Angels... ok. (Tieflings and Aasimar)
  • Robot-golem boys (and girls) - yep
  • Short people are awful and should be portrayed as sneaky, psycho bastards (Goblins, kobolds: fine. Halflings, dwarves*, gnomes: shite)
  • My comparatively high estimation of Kenku is entirely based on Matt Finch's portrayal. 
  • Elves are boring.
It could be better: 
What do you think? Come at me!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Little Piggies Go to Market

I'm assembling a dungeon for my 5e game based on Darkest Dungeon's Warrens locale with inspiration from the Isle of Doctor Moreau.

Mostly for my own use, I'm collecting my monsters (art & stats) here: