Saturday, October 27, 2018

Back at it!

It feels good to be running a game again!

I have finally found a critical mass of players in NYC to get rolling.

We've run two sessions of 5E with 5-7 players each. Only one of the players had ever played D&D before (and that was many years ago as a kid). Most of the group works with my wife in the NY arts world.

I drew the map as we went and glued in the doorways, arches and key terrain features (simple cardboard mock-ups) as we went to give it a 3D feel. It worked really well.  I think it really helped the new players to envision what was happening and where everything was. Plus, all the artists in the group got a kick out of my crappy hot-glue construction skills.

I ran a small dungeon, of my own devising that featured some classic traps and skeleton archers protecting a necromancer and his lab.

  • Light sources were a constant source of drama, which made me happy. 
    • I banned dark vision and the Light cantrip.
  • I incorporated a shrine that would grant prophecies if treated with respect, but the party's rogue was more interested in robbing it and narrowly escaped a curse.
  • The party parlayed with the necromancer, Felix Motley, and learned that he was being attacked by ratmen, further down in the dungeon. Felix offered them treasure to descend into the lower level and destroy the rat menace. 
So far it's been a lot of fun and my players are engaged and excited. I had intended to play every other week but by popular demand we played two Tuesdays in a row, with the next one coming up in a few days.

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