Friday, September 4, 2020


I'm on vacation & posting from my phone so apologies if the formatting is even rougher than my (admittedly sloppy) usual.

I designed this as an ambush encounter for the White Apes of Thurstle Island's City of the Ancients. But it should be transferrable to any system and most settings.

How It Works

Above the valley, a snare has been set. 

  • Triggering the trap, dislodges a wedge that supports a large boulder. With the wedge removed, the boulder falls, tightening the snare noose, and dragging the unfortunate victim over the cliff ledge to the valley floor below.

Ledge: Partway down the cliff, there is a nature ledge. 

  • Rocky projections on the cliff face form a natural stair from the top of the cliff to this ledge.
  • The ledge is split by a crevasse but an acrobatic adept could jump the gap.
  • Another rocky stair leads down to the valley floor.

Gallery: On the facing cliff wall, there is another ledge protected by outcroppings. The ambushers are likely to be waiting here to attack anyone caught by their trap. 

  • Ambushers can attach with ranged weapons from good cover.
  • Boulders have been staged to roll down onto the valley floor. On the map, I drew in zones on the valley floor corresponding to the areas threatened by each boulder.
  • A stairway leads down to the floor and a tunnel provides an easy escape.
Floor: The valley floor is threatened by the cliffs above. 

  • Rocks and ranged weapons can be rained down from above.

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